she says i'll see you when you get home

location . apt
temp . 46
humidity . 100%
conditions . 100% humidity, what do you think?

i suppose this is a little late, but i got my cast off monday! my ankle is no longer the monstrous cankle that it was 5 weeks ago! i'll keep talking with exclamation points!

i can start walking without crutches in 1 week! i've got to do 6 weeks of physical therapy! my second surgery will be sometime in march! whenever i see the word "march" i automatically want to correct it to "M. Arch!"

lucero . mine tonight


Blogger Chris said...

i'm glad you got your cast off and you are no longer sporting a monster cankle...BUT 6 WEEKS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY? jees...that seems like alot. you got yourself a serious boo-boo there.

7:35 PM  
Blogger natalie said...

i'm really glad that you got your cast off... i hope physical therapy isn't bad... normally they poke and prod at all the areas that REALLY hurt until you feel like you're turning purple and stuff... you, you keep on truckin'... yeah.

12:04 PM  

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