how many nights of talking in hotel rooms can you take?

location . michael will be home in about an hour!
temp . 32
humidity . 52%
conditions . michael will be home in about an hour!

for the second time in a few weeks, el dorado (my home town) has made national news. the first time, of course, was when
a waste plant exploded and forced my mom to evacuate for days. the second happened just a few days ago, when freak january tornados killed a few people.
the last time el dorado got so much press, it was because
police found a dead deer in the bathroom at mc donalds, and a few weeks later arrested two people when they got drunk and rode horses through the produce section of wal-mart.

belle and sebastian . piazza, new york catcher


Blogger Chris said...

ok, i'll give the rednecks some credit. that whole riding horses through wal-mart thing kicks ass.

11:39 AM  

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