hard to leave when it’s picturesque

location . home
temp . 27
feels like . 19
conditions . sweet! it's warm!

when you check the weather online and discover that it's 24 degrees and it FEELS LIKE 24 degrees outside, and you get all excited because your walk home might be comfortable, like comfortable enough to walk to the metro instead of taking a bus, it might, just might, BE TIME TO MOVE TO A WARMER PLACE. but i guess that really isn't an option right now.

"today it's up to you to created the peacefulness you long for" from my fortune cookie at dinner tonight. what? why do they let people write fortunes (that, by the way is NOT A FORTUNE) who can't speak english? it's like all the signs in chinatown that say things like "come with fried rice." i don't have any fried rice, that's why i'm coming to you.

my song tonight is a little personal indulgence, and that's ok, because my birthday is in less than 4 hours. this cd ended up being about the only thing i could listen to in italy (until michael saved me by bringing my cds), so it reminds me of rome. the song "venice queen" does especially, and today i really wanted to be in italy, so everyone join with me in listening to the song and dreaming of rome. or venice. or florence. or ravenna. or cinque terre.

red hot chili peppers . venice queen


Blogger Chris said...

haha! come with fried rice...wow. you're mind is much cleaner than mine.

happy birthday (in a few hours)!!!

9:40 PM  
Blogger sam_iv said...

Wow! Chris is perverted! And also, Happy Birthday. The CD that reminds me of Rome is Jack Johnson. My apartment played it like there was no tomorrow. Rome, Rome, ... [cut to dream-like montage about Rome]

6:59 PM  

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