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well, i have to honestly say that every single one of you disappointed me this week. i asked for simple suggestions to the "mystery" that occurred in front of my apartment on jan 6 (see entry "you have seen some unbelievable things"), and the only response i got was "that makes my head hurt." thanks. thanks guys. you rule.
so just leave it up to me; i'll take care of it. due to recent events, i'm going to conclude that murrye's confidential suggestion was correct (it wasn't confidential, she just gave it to me on aim instead of the blog): they must have been a thespian troupe. the guy simply wasn't dead. he was acting, as were his friends in trying to save him. cute. really cute. thespians at 3am. so now you ask, "trinity, what are those recent events that led you to this conclusion?" quite simply, they're related to
this. a pedestrian was killed a few blocks from my apartment on the morning of jan 13, and let me tell you, their reaction to that wasn't even in the same league as the reaction to the thespian troupe at my apartment. part of h street was closed off for like 8 hours! 8 hours! h street is a pretty major thoroughfare, so several bus routes were detoured, businesses closed, and i was late to work.
the lesson here: don't cross the street in dc. i've been trying to follow that lesson, but i can never seem to get more than a block away from my apartment...

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