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that's not an x-ray of my ankle. it's similar, but my ankle has 4 screws, not three. it couldn't be that easy. essentially, where there are two screws angling upwards, mine has three. the fourth screw is to help repair a torn ligament, and they want to remove that one "at a later date" (yes, that means another surgery).
things went fairly smoothly on tuesday, i guess. i waited around most of the day for "the call." see, since my surgery wasn't really scheduled more than a day in advance, they had to "work me in." i got "the call" around 3 and by 5 i was in my gown, hooked up to the iv, just waiting for them to put me under. i went into the operating room about around 6, and they did something funny: they completely strapped me down before they put me under. it was a little scary, and very low tech. i was laid out like jesus on the bed, with my arms taped to extended parts of the table. real tape - no nice velcro straps, just tape. i finally quipped "are you guys going to put me under soon," and that's about the last thing i remember.
i woke up around 9 and left the hospital around 11 (after throwing up a few times, of course). i didn't sleep a wink that night due to the pain, and i was taking a percocet every 2 hours. the next morning we went back to the doctor because of the pain.
anyway, other than that it's been very uneventful. i borrowed a copy of the first season of the o.c. and am about half finished (the first season was so much better). i've had to keep my foot elevated, so the pain of trying to use crutches (when blood rushes to my foot) is pretty intense. as a result, i've mostly been crawling on the floor when i've needed to move about. good thing my apartment is small.

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Blogger Chris said...

screws and the whole bit, huh? that really sucks. i know that feeling of intense pain when you stand up on the crutches. i once split my big toe in half on a stereo receiver case and had 11 stitches. every time i stood up it felt like the stitches were about to have a blow-out.

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