life is like a dream a series of meaningless movement

location . office
temp . 51
humidity . 36%
conditions . windy

i was trying to start this routine of titling my blogs with lyrics from songs that mention the name 'michael.' as you can see, i could only find two of them, so instead it just looks strange and awkward. like me.
i adore fall weather. it's been so nice walking to work in the mornings with a crisp, cool breeze, all bundled up in my coat and scarves. i love how temperature changes bring about memories long forgotten. sometimes it's the melancholy of high school, and sometimes it's cherished memories of this holidays. this morning it was a hard, fast reminder of this time last year; a time that was not an especially happy time of my life. a series of very unfortunate events left me struggling in school and worrying extensively about my family. ironically, though, i can't remember a time that i've cared less about school and been closer to my family that those short weeks late last fall. it's funny how those things work.

blonde redhead . this is not


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