cassius clay was hated more than sonny liston

location . el dorado, ar
temp . 32
humidity . 45%
conditions . melting "snow"

home sweet home? it's weird being back in el dorado. i guess it was about christmas last year when i was last here, but i feel years removed. The only inkling i have of "home" is the home i grew up in, it hasn't really felt the same since i left for college many years ago. the town is still familiar, but little pockets have changed. i've always wondered how this town has survived, but i know the answer: oil. oil and industry don't make for a very pleasant city - the divide between rich and poor is too great, and the city is too segregated. home sweet home.

sun kil moon . glenn tipton


Blogger KB said...

I was surfing your blog and ran across this. I had my husband read it because we just barely had this "oil" and eldorado conversation. And the "segregation" of rich and poor. He thought it was great to see two minds on the same page.

8:07 PM  

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