what a curious life we have found here tonight

location . 1a. 30,000ft. 737-700
temp . -54
humidity . 0%
conditions . trying not to watch IRobot

finally, i'm on my way home. i can't tell you how excited i've been all day. on top of the fact that i'm going home, i scored an upgrade on my flight from houston to dc (the flight from little rock to houston didn't have a first class cabin). of course, when i got on the plane, i discovered that the plane was almost empty and that every plat, gold, and silver got an upgrade, and they still had an empty seat in first. upgrades in and out of dc are nearly impossible to score - most everyone that flies is either paying for first class or is a frequent flyer (much more frequent than myself). i'll have to take thursday night flights more often. dinner on the flight was actually pretty good. we started with cold mixed nuts and cocktails, followed by a caesar salad with warm bread. the main course was lasagna, and we had double chocolate cake for dessert (i had mine with a little decaf and baileys). not too bad for airplane food.

neutral milk hotel . in the aeroplane over the sea


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