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location . houston, tx
temp . 76
humidity . 37%
conditions . maybe it's not the flu. but i feel terrible

book . choke . chuck palahniuk

every blog is riddled with sadness and anger about w being reelected president. i feel the same way, really, i'm just having a hard time getting worked up about it. maybe i'll become a pacifist. i think i'd rather just move to canada (or australia or rome or the netherlands). the canadian immigration website had three times as many hits as usual on wednesday (an ode to natalie and her nuggets).

i've been sleeping constantly. yesterday i woke up at 6am to prepare for my panel discussion. that was over by 10:30, when i promptly went back to sleep. i think i woke up for lunch and some afternoon sessions, followed those with a nap and dinner, then was asleep by 10:15. i woke up this morning around 9:00, in time to make it to the end of a session that i'd promised i would attend. i was asleep again by 10:30, woke up around 2:00 and have been lazing around watching college football since (not completely true, i went to an afternoon session for about 20 minutes before i started feeling really sick again). looks like a&m might beat ou. at the very least, they aren't going to get beat 77-0 again this year. you may be wondering why i care about the big 12. the truth is that, i don't, of course (pacifist, remember?). but being an sec kiddo, i have to secretly root for auburn (did i really just type that?). a loss for ou could equal an orange bowl birth for auburn. all i really hope, however, is that i begin to feel better soon (i should send myself greeting cards).

the shins . young pilgrims


Blogger natalie said...

thank you for the ode, trin! i hope that you feel better... i will send you a greeting card, but it won't get to you until after i get back [thank you, italy... and your not-so-efficient postal system...]... just know that it's on the way!

3:01 PM  

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