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i'm a little frustrated with my reading situation as of late. the fact that i even have a reading situation is problematic. you see, back when i was studying in italy (sigh), michael sent me a trio of books to keep my mind occupied (and my pocketbook full - english books are expensive in italy), and one of them was the eye of the world by robert jordan. anyone familiar with these books? if you aren't, RUN. stop reading this, and leave immediately. i wouldn't want you to get caught in this cult.
the eye of the world is the first book in the wheel of time series. there are currently 10 books plus a prequel, and all are over 1,000 pages. i started reading this series TWO YEARS AGO, and, as of today, i'm on page 350 of book 8. i don't read slowly; i just really don't care that much about these books. i've read a few books in between (some coupland stuff, some pratchett, some architecture stuff), but mostly, i've been drudging through these. sigh. i can't wait to be free of the wheel of time.

the wheel weaves as the wheel wills.

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nobody said you had to keep reading them...nobody.

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