it's been a bloody, stupid day

location . warwick hotel. houston, tx
temp . 63
humidity . 48%
conditions . flu like symptoms

it really hasn't been a bloody, stupid day. it hasn't been a great day, but it certainly hasn't been a bloody, stupid day (unlike monday and tuesday). since my last post in san marcos, texas, i've visited austin and college station. and, of course, w was reelected president. sad day, really.

i had to return to the shady car dealership today in order to return the rental car. in addition to the "50 miles radius" rule, i was not to drive the car more than 100 miles/day (3 day rental), lest i be charged a $.20/mile surcharge. i think i drove a total of 601 miles. luckily the shady guys didn't notice, so i wasn't charged the extra $$$. sweet.

i woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat. hoping it's not the flu... on a high note, the o.c. premier is tonight.

belle and sebastian . don't leave the light on baby


Blogger kiji_kat said...

May I just say that I love the name of your journal? (It's a wonderful song, isn't it?)

9:00 PM  

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