i'm tired of fixing things for michael and the rest of them

location . white carpet
temp . 63
humidity . 94%
conditions . thanksGIVING tomorrow

i've been wondering: what makes a rat (or a mouse, even) so frightening? are they really that terrible? i mean, my friend luke used to "babysit" his gf's mouse in his dorm room, and the thing was almost cute (admitted, it was white, so maybe there was an idea that it was somehow "cleaner"). but for the most part, people really hate all animals of the genus rattus. i'm guilty of it myself; practically everyone who knows me knows about the story where i had a mouse run across my pillow when i was in third year (of architecture school). i still want to crawl into a really well lit corner and cringe when i think about that...
the only reason that i mention this is that i see lots of rats in dc. i don't look for them, but every-once-in-awhile i'll see a dark flash of something run between buildings or out of a garden in front of the white house (i walk about 100ft in front of the white house every single day, btw), and a chill will run down my spine. but yesterday, while i was walking to work, something crawled out from under a bench. i immediately jumped back, thinking it was a rat, but no, it was an innocent little bird. just a little bird, hiding under a sturdy concrete bench (who knows why...) and i thought, why are birds cute and rats repulsive? i still don't have an answer; i just ask the questions. happy thanksgiving!

belle and sebastian . my wandering days are over


Blogger Chris said...

birds are nasty, hateful little creatures. mice and rats are ok though, as long as they're behind the glass in a pet store.

1:31 PM  

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