i'm thinking it's a sign

location . san marcos, tx
temp . 52
humidity . 62%
conditions . fair

this has been the trip from hell. and i still have 9 days left of it. have you ever tried to rent a car without a drivers license? it's really difficult. they don't like to give you keys to a car if you can't prove that you have a drivers license. instead, they pawn you over to a shady rental car/used car lot to wait two hours while the shady guy goes through his mail and makes personal phone calls. i felt positively dirty.
i finally got a rental car. supposedly, i can't take the car more than 50 miles outside of houston. uh huh. yea right.
in the midst of trying to get a rental car, i left my luggage on a bus and had to sprint after it. i also dropped my cell phone and it shattered. luckily i could piece it back together.
my car has a cd player. i never get a rental car with a cd player. so i bought a tape adaptor for my ipod before this trip. i can't use a tape adaptor if there isn't a tape deck. i've been listening to my ipod in my car with headphones.
and to top it all off, i woke up this morning sicker than i've been in years. i threw up twice, once while eating breakfast.
actually, i was wrong, to top it all off, i'm in texas on election day. god help us all.

the original
the postal service . such great heights


Blogger Murrye said...

i'm sorry you're trip has been so crappy:( that reminds me of when i left my luggage on a tram in amsterdam and had to sprint several blocks (in high heels) to catch up with it! i probably told you that story. anyway, i hope things get better.
and damn this election!!

9:50 AM  

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