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earlier this summer, i was entranced by the film
elephant. i'm not sure what i was expecting when i first watched it. i hadn't heard anything about it when i picked up the dvd and read the back at a blockbuster in ghetto, maryland. i assumed it was another high drama, columbine rip-off, but the fact that it won the palme d'or convinced me to rent it. in the world of michael moore political fodder, i wasn't expecting the film i watched over the next 81 short minutes.
i'm not going to write a review of the film. it's been done many times, and if you really want other people to form opinions for you, go ahead and seek them (isn't that just what i did by only renting it because of the palme d'or? i guess opinions are useful sometimes =). i'll just say this: i still think about it. it raised far more questions than it ever wanted to answer, and almost none of them were directly related to the columbine-style slayings that occur in the film.

beethoven . fur elise


Blogger sam_iv said...


So great to encounter your cyborg self on the Internet. I had been hearing wispers in the ether about your blog and wanted to check it out. I have comments to make on various blogs, for it is all new to me. I hope you find this post. To start, you know that I am the only IV for you. These silly hospital contraptions can not mend the pain you have in my absense.

Second, I did watch elephant, but just as the movie had its simi-real, simi-dream like overtones, I too was in a "altered" state when I vidied the flick. Hey, blame Mark. Sorry about your leg, hope you are feeling better now. I will have to start my own blog, and join the community....


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