be the hand i hold at night

location . warwick
temp . 66
humidity . 60%
conditions . game over

oh well. ou won.

on a happier note, today is our (mine and michael's) 6 month wedding anniversary. i am, of course, in texas while he's in dc, but spending time apart is nothing new. i think we calculated that at the time we got married, we'd spent about 2.5 of our 5 years together apart. not that it gets easier; it's just something you accept. those of you who were at our wedding will recognize the song.

the reindeer section . if everything fell quiet


Blogger adam said...

TRINITY. it's adam.. you came to texas w/o telling me? adam@sebcoe.org -- email me....btw, i will gladly take full credit in introducing you to the reindeer section.... =) xoxo

12:20 AM  
Blogger Murrye said...

happy late anniversary:)
that 'quiet' song is great, so sweet.
hope you're feeling better!

10:42 AM  

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