the ashtray says you were up all night

location . home
temp . 59
humidity . 28%
conditions . thin, high clouds

book . the path of daggers . robert jordan

i've almost recovered from my trip, though i'm still incredibly groggy when i wake in the mornings. i took today off of work to further my "recovery" (still trying to fight those 'flu-like symptoms' - figured more sleep could help that), so everything should be back to normal tomorrow. ahhh "normality"
i'm pleased to report that our "enclosed sunroom" (ie our bedroom) has excellent insulative properties. we've fallen below freezing here in dc for the past few nights, and the temperature has remained at 67 with no heater. this is great news considering the price of gas around here. on a side note, our electric bill this month was only $17! i find this news wonderfully exciting. =)

wilco . in a future age (alternate take)


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