all the people that you’ve loved they’re all bound to leave some keepsakes

location . dfw
temp . 73
humidity . 59%
conditions . now boarding all rows, all passengers on delta flight 4140 with non-stop service to little rock

i'm in the middle of my 4-flights-in-3-days crazy routing. unfortunately, half of the flights are on delta, so i'll only be earning around 6500 miles (instead of what could be about 9000 if they were all with continental). oh well. i'm flying to little rock tonight, and i can't wait to see my family (and you too, murrye). i just wish i had time to visit with my mom, too. i guess there's always christmas.
i was actually scheduled to rent a car in lubbock (where i was yesterday), drive to dallas, ruston, then little rock (all in about 2.5 days). after realizing that the ruston portion was out of the question, i started to look into flying instead of renting a car. the result? i could purchase two one-way tickets (lbb-dfw, dfw-lit) for around $250 or rent the car and spend close to $400 with gas. i started looking into the flights on sunday and purchased them on monday (yes, the day before one of the flights and two days before the other). madness. needless to say, i got selected for "random" searches on both of my flights today (i guess it sends up a red flag when you buy one-way tickets only a few days in advance).

interpol . leif erikson


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