it's sunny and 75 it feels so good to be alive

location . washington, dc . at the office
temp . 52
humidity . 76%
conditions . rain

just half a day left on the board meeting...
we actually 'entertained' last night! i'm not sure how entertaining we were, but it was fun to use dishes from the wedding that we usually just watch collect dust. do people still register for things like china? i mean really, are you ever going to use it? there's always an excuse not to: it's just the two of us, the kids are too young, i don't want to wash them later, what if they get broken, etc, etc. there's no real reason to buy 'nice dishes;' not when there are so many creative dish sets out there. it's more fun to get new dishes than watch old ones collect dust and turn yellow.

silver jews . people


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