it's another busy day

location . washington, dc . at the office
temp . 66
humidity . 43%
conditions . mostly cloudy, with the promise of rain in just a few hours

it *is* a busy day, but i didn't have to be at work until lunch time (a "benefit" of having a board meeting all weekend).

my ipod died just after getting off the metro this 'morning,' but luckily my charger was at work. i'd hate to have to take my launchcast back from nicole. i really did like launchcast - it was a great way to listen to music without having to load my work computer with files or tote my laptop to work every day. but, alas, i got an ipod. who needs launchcast when you can carry all of your cd's on a well-designed-tiny-white thing? and the best part about the ipod is that you get those cool all-white headphones. i almost bought an 'offbrand' ipod, but the left side of my brain started screaming and, well, i bought the ipod.

since my entry was so bad today, and i neglected you all yesterday, you get two songs today.

guided by voices . cut-out witch
yo la tengo . stockholm syndrome


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