get up and run away with it

location . washington, dc . home on mass ave
temp . 56
humidity . 84%
conditions . yet another day of haze and drizzle

i've tried not to talk about my job.

with mike (exec dir) and jake (pres) both out of town, i (vp) was the default choice to attend an event by lafarge (one of our key sponsors for forum) this morning. background: lafarge is working to secure a 'starchitect' for forum for us. background: i ran for vp so that i could do more internal work with membership (read: i don't schmooze well). i learned about the event only last week, and the primary purpose of our organization attending was to help secure that starchitect (read: starchitects were going to be there ). naturally, i tried to do some research on exactly who was going to be there. of course, my contacts at lafarge were out of town, and the people at the national building museum (where the event was held) knew nothing other than a general schedule of the day. via internet research, i came to understand that this event was a precursor to a symposium at princeton, but could find nothing about the portion at the nbm. anyway, enough background.
i get to the nbm this morning (which was great, btw, since i only live a few short blocks from it), locate a few lafarge people, and, after hinting that i had no idea what was going on, discovered that about 75% of the people there were FRENCH. that's right. french. do i speak french? no. could we afford to pay for travel for a french starchitect? no. it doesn't matter anyway; most of them were engineers or materials research people - not architects. i've never felt so out of place in my life (that's not true. i tend to feel out of place often). i was on the early tour, so when it was finished, i had about 2 hours to blow before the presentation began. i spent most of the time in the museum bookstore, which isn't that exciting when you work in the aia building in dc (read: excellent architecture bookstore). i ended up late to the presentation (reading an interesting anecdotal book on a guy who moved from the city to the suburbs), so i had to stand the entire time in heels (speaking of heels, i was wearing a suit while everyone else was very casual. they probably all thought i worked there). lunch was the first time i talked with anyone other than the two women i met from lafarge - and they were engineers out of atlanta. what a waste of time. there was no point in my being there. i should have left.

cat power . he war


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