empty bottles and an old country song

location . washington, dc . home on mass ave
temp . 54
humidity . 94%
conditions . haze and drizzle

we had plans last night. honestly, we did. we were going to olssens (a 'hip' version of blockbuster where you can rent foreign/indie flicks and buy books and cds), coming home to cook, going to watch part of the game, interrupt it with the ladykillers, then watch the end of the game. of course, it was raining, so i didn't feel like walking to olssens (it's about 6 blocks away). being the logical person that i am, i decided it would be much more efficient to run to olssens instead (we don't have a car here in dc). 2 dvd rentals and 2 new cds later, we're running back home, and we pass the new regal cineplex at gallery place in chinatown. i thought it wasn't opening until friday, but people were streaming inside. we stopped to see what all the activity was about and discovered the cinema was showing all movies for $1 (along with $1 sodas and popcorn). needless to say, we purchased tickets for the 9:30 showing of the manchurian candidate, and our plans for the evening were ruined. we did, however, catch the first three innings of the game and the bottom of the ninth (the beginning and the end - isn't that all most people usually read in books anyway?).

the growth around chinatown is pretty incredible. since we've moved here (in july), we've gotten a new united colors of benneton, urban outfitters, city sports, a health club, and this new 15 screen movie theatre. we'll have a few more restaurants and an aveda spa next month (speaking of restaurants, there's no better area of town for food right now than galleryplace/chinatown - except maybe adam's morgan). as a resident of the area, i'm thrilled to see downtown revitalization at work. as a person with a background in architecture and urban planning (and as a human being who can clearly see what's going on), it's quite sad to see chinatown overtly commercialized. the 'native' residents won't be able to afford living here in a few short years (or be able to pay rent on their little restaurants and shops).

hopefully we will still be able to take the chinatown bus to nyc for almost nothing.

lucero . drink till we're gone


Blogger Murrye said...

hey! hope you're enjoying your day off. i renamed my blog (a static lull - a line from a poem i wrote), i don't know if it will update on your links. you'll have to tell me how you did it so i can link you on mine

2:32 PM  
Blogger natalie said...

trin - i am so excited that you have a blog now... i can keep up with you and stuff... yea!

4:23 AM  

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