eating snowflakes with plastic forks

location . washington, dc . at the office
temp . 61
humidity . 87%
conditions . haze . 2.5 miles visibility . fall flowers in bloom at the white house

i actually watched the entire red socks / yankees game last night (well, if you consider the fact that i didn't make it home until around 5:45). i honestly didn't care that much who won. i mean, yea, i hate the yankees, but doesn't everyone? aren't you some sort dominating-i-will-stomp-on-weak-people-with-disabilities human being if you like the yankees? perhaps. either way, i didn't care enough about the game to watch the full 6 hours of it. but i did. and i'll probably watch game 6 tonight.

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Blogger Chris said...

don't you always feel obligated to root for the underdog? otherwise you're just another meanie. i felt so obligated last night, in fact, that i too watched most of the game. and i really don't care much for the red sox.

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