the blogging begins

location . washington, dc . at the office
temp . 63
humidity . 77%
conditions . cloudy, on the brink of rain

murrye and i are starting our blogs this week; not surprisingly, she started before i did. anyway, she wrote a little about the conundrum of the blank piece of paper. intimidating, full of optimism... full of dread. i can't tell you how many sketchbooks i've started using on the second page - and never gone back to fill the first. we spent too much time contemplating the blank piece of paper in architecture school.

thus, out of respect for it, i'll end my first episode in blogging.

song . since the title of my blog is poisondartsofpleasure, i couldn't use anything other than this song for my first blog. i'd recommend right clicking the link and downloading the song instead of clicking and waiting for it to play.
franz ferdinand . darts of pleasure


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