all the boys on ship set sail

location . washington, dc . at the office
temp . 56
humidity . 69%
conditions . cloudy

i was alone in the office all day. how depressing. this is going to be my first weekend off in three weekends, and after this weekend, i'll have to work three more. of course, the one weekend i have off is the one weekend michael actually has school work. and so the wheel weaves. sigh.

the leaves are changing in dc, but we've yet to have one of those lovely, crisp fall days (that's not true. i think we did while i was away in minneapolis or denver). it's been rainy and dreary for days on end now (at least 7 days). i didn't move to seattle; i moved to dc. surely this is irregular. maybe the lack of sunshine is contributing to my mood.

i voted (absentee) today. it's futile to vote democrat for president in arkansas, but, what the hell, maybe my vote will count.

bonnie 'prince' billy . madeline mary


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